Organizational Network Analysis

Organizational network analysis provides intuitively compelling pictures of how well a group of people are integrated and where influence might be concentrated. The analysis uncovers existence of high levels of trust, communication and potential leadership in a network of relationships. It highlights how work really happens, giving us a handle on slippery intangibles that drive the future success of a team or enterprise. A complete mapping of a selected population’s networks allows leaders to make subtle changes that have profound impact on communications, integration and culture of an organization.

Network analysis answers the following questions on a specific subject or in general

  1. who are the leaders in each group?

  2. who are the information and support providers/brokers in each group?

  3. where are the emergent work groups? who is in them?

  4. who is isolated in the organization?

  5. who keeps the network together ? who are the integrating hubs of each network?

  6. where can we build bridges to improve network performance?

  7. how can this network be enhanced for better information flow, and knowledge exchange?

"The maps are key elements of sense-making discussions,
strategic planning and creation of stronger performance networks."

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