Guiding Principles:

  1. Build Trust First: In every engagement and each interaction, we earn the right to service our clients through integrity and hard work.

  2. Ensure Intentions are Aligned: We will have a positive influence and support our client’s vision if our belief systems are compatible. We will not sign-on otherwise.

  3. Apply a Network of Expertise: Our focus is in areas where we have tangible expertise. We will engage others with our client’s consent where we lack necessary resources.

  4. Zoom In and Zoom Out: Our ability to succeed is dependent on treating the whole organization and not a single “organ”, balancing both long and short term views. Our capacity must include a larger, broader perspective and laser focus for actionable solutions.

  5. Drive Peak Experience: Our key to success is the ability to challenge leaders and organizations by targeting appropriate leavers for improving leadership capacity and building a high performance culture.

  6. Listen, Deliver and Learn: We aim to build long term relationships with our clients and become partners for growth. To this end we recognize the need to learn and adapt to our client’s needs and the competitive environment in general.

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